The new Professional Padel Machine!


€ 2475,- (ex.vat)

Padelshooter 3A


  • Bluetooth Low Energy

    Nowadays, there are 2 types of bluetooth, for communication between the app and the machine, original and bluetooth low energy. The Padelshooter 3A uses the latest version Bluetooth Low Energy.

  • External battery

    The Padelshooter 3A has a huge external Lithium battery for 6-8 hours playtime. The advantage is that you can charge the battery without the machine, no need to take the machine for charging. Therfore the machine is also lower weight (25 kg). Also you can buy an extra battery if you want to play longer than 6-8 hours. The disadvantage is that you should think to take the battery with the machine when going to the padel court.

  • Power supply

    The Padelshooter 3A has no internal powersupply for continuous use but an optional external powersupply to connect to a 110/220V wallet.

  • Simple extra remote control

    The Padelshooter 3A has an extra simple remote control only for stop / start shooting. This is very easy when on court, pressing just 1 button is easier to stop shooting than searching for your phone / tablet.

  • Faster frequency

    The Padelshooter 3A could set the frequency very fast. This is especially for 2 players on court nice because the balls are shot with such a small delay that they don't need to wait for the other player to receive the balls.

The Padelshooter 1 and Padelshooter 3A are almost the same, sure the features are the same but they have different app versions which are not interchangeable. The Padelshooter 1 has an internal battery while the Padelshooter 3A has an external battery, both are very powerful. The Padelshooter 3A is the newest model with an extra simple remote control (for only stop/start shooting, easy when on court, don’t need to search for phone/tablet to pause shooting) and replaces the Padelshooter 1 after a while, so if you are not sure which one to choose, choose the Padelshooter 3A or ask us. The Padelshooter 1 has an internal Power Supply for continuous use at 110/220V (in some countries/locations the current is not powerful enough for this, 12V/15A is needed at startup), for the Padelshooter 3A an optional external Power Supply is needed. 

Padelshooter 3A


In September 2023 we introduced the PadelShooter 3A to some local customers in Europe to test the new model Padelshooter. The new remote control was a nice extra feature and also the extra "Easy use" screen customers liked very much (the Padelshooter 1 also has such screen now).

The machine is very stable and we sold the machine already all over the world.