Details of machine and apps

Some history

As ballmachine specialists we were wondering why there was no real Padel machine on the market. Only some machines for tennis, which was not very useful for Padel. But why was it not useful? Because for Padel you often play high and low balls intermittendly. All tennis machines can shoot low balls (for a tennis court), some can shoot high balls, but NO ball machines can shoot low and high balls in 1 training. So, with a regular ball machine for Padel (even the most expensive ones), you can only train 1 shot: low or high. This is why we started to make a machine that we could use for Padel. 

We choose our best and most reliable ball machine for tennis: “Powershot 3” and reprogrammed it and made apps for it to control the machine. Then we found that, for Padel, it is very difficult to shoot the balls low and high and all perfect in the field (no balls in the net and no balls against the backglass). We designed a way to control the balls over the net and inside the glass walls. Also we made many trainings for Padel inside the machine and a way to make trainings ourselves by programming these with the apps.

Because the machine can do (almost) everything for Padel, the PadelShooter app could control all features of the PadelShooter. Even though the PadelShooter app is not difficult to learn, for Padelcenters players use the machine only for 1 hour and then it is important that the control is very easy, just by answering some easy questions. This is why we made a 2nd app that can’t control everything but is easy to use and will work “out of the box”. For private players, that buy the machine for themselves, we now have the PadelShooter, for Padelcenters we have the PadelMaster (with the “Easy” app). The machine is the same but the app for PadelMaster is “easy to use” and can’t control everything.

Padelshooter app (For Private use)

Control everything of the machine...

Many inbuilt Padel trainings

Together with Padel Professionals, we developed trainings that are very special for Padel:

All balls could be easily set with the spin you want. Also the settings of every training could be “finetuned” for the speed, spin, frequency, horizontal and height position, exactly what you prefer in your trainings. At the moment the app is only available on Android phone, we are working on an iPhone app which we expect to be ready about April 2023.

Making your own trainings/programs

Every player likes to have his/her own trainings which are just a little bit different than the "standard" Padel trainings:

Copying the programs from our website is an easy way to learn making the programs yourself. Just change one of the programs you downloaded, change like you prefer and save on your own phone.

Main Screen

Inbuilt Padel Trainings

*) You can pause the videos to read more detailed the information and instructions…