The only real Professional Padel Machine in the world!


App controlled machine: 3 screens

For Easy use (Padelcenters)

Easy use with pre-programmed training

When a player uses the PadelShooter for the first time or only hire the machine for 1 hour, there is no time "to get used to the machine". Then the machine should easily start doing the training that you want. Therefor this app is meant for people that hire the machine in a Padelcenter and immediately want to work with the machine by answering some "easy questions". This app can do many trainings but not all the machine can do.

Combinations of shots

For the most advanced Padel trainings

When you buy a Padel machine that can play (almost) everything you want, you need an app to full control the machine. You have the time to get used to the machine and how to use the app and you can then train whatever you want. This app is therefor used for players that want to "get everything" out of their Padel machine.

For Your own trainings (programs)

Make your own trainings

When you know all the inbuilt trainings of the Padelshooter and you want to create your own trainings, you can use the "Programs" screen. You can program max. 9 shots at every position at every speed/spin and frequency for every single shot.

PadelShooter 1 ready

In September 2022 we introduced the PadelShooter 1 during the World Padel Tour in Sweden. Many people tried the machine and liked it very much. Some Padelschools used the machine for some trainings with many people on the court. The videos were placed on this website.

PadelShooter 3A ready

In September 2023 the Padelshooter 3A was ready for sale and tested by some local customers. The Padelshooter 3A has an extra remote control (for start/stop shooting) and an "Easy use" screen for immediately starting with the Padelshooter.

future of Padelshooter

iPhone app

In summer of 2024 we plan to have the iPhone app available on Apple store. Also the new Android app is planned to be available on the Google App store.

PadelShooter Smart

The Padelshooter is now very advanced and, even though it is the most advanced padel machine in the world, for some players a huge amount to buy. We are busy to create a lower price Padelshooter ("Smart") that has many features of the original Padelshooters but also some limitations.

A unique machine

Training with the PadelShooter makes learning Padel so much easier. Not just a tennis ball machine with 1 Padel feature, but a real Padel training machine for beginners but sure for professionals!

How to start playing?

The basic idea of the PadelShooter is to have standard settings (when new installed) for standard trainings which you can change all as you want.

For all trainings you can set speed, spin, frequency, width and height of the ball(s):

Speed: speed of the ball(s)
Spin: topspin or backspin to the ball
Frequency: the pause between each ball
Width: Horizontal position to play
Height: Vertical position to play

For trainings with variation (between 2 heights or a left and right position) the height defines the highest possible position to shoot, the width defines the horizontal area to vary the balls. For trainings with high and low balls (bandeja and volley) the height defines the position of the high ball. 

If the ball(s) bounce to the back wall, you should set (1) the height lower or (2) the speed lower for the training. If the balls are shot into the net, set (1) the speed higher or (2) the height higher. Because for many trainings the height could vary, you don’t want the ball to be shot into the net, therefor you can fix the net position so the balls will not be shot lower than that net position when playing random balls.

The Padel court could also be divided in left and right side, normally in Padel a player stand only left or right side. For the trainings the horizontal area of a Padel court is from 0 (most left) to 100 (most right). The area where you want to play is mostly left (0-50) or right (50-100) side of the court. You can limit the area you want to play with “Limit Left-Right”, only left side (0-50) or only right side (50-100).

For example one of the trainings is “Random”. The PadelShooter is then playing balls within a horizontal and vertical (height) area at continuous different positions. You define then the horizontal area (100 to full left-right, 50 for only half area or 20 for a small area). For the height area, you define the highest ball for that area and the Net position for the lowest ball.