The only real Professional Padel Machine in the world!


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Padelshooter 1

Padelshooter 3A

Some history

As ballmachine specialists we were wondering why there was no real Padel machine on the market. Only some machines for tennis, which was not very useful for Padel. But why was it not useful? Because for Padel you often play high and low balls intermittendly. All tennis machines can shoot low balls (for a tennis court), some can shoot high balls, but NO ball machines can shoot low and high balls in 1 training. So, with a regular ball machine for Padel (even the most expensive ones), you can only train 1 shot: low or high. This is why we started to make a machine that we could use for Padel. 

We choose the best and most reliable ball machines for tennis and made apps for it to control the machine. Then we found that, for Padel, it is very difficult to shoot the balls low and high and all perfect in the field (no balls in the net and no balls against the backglass). We designed a way to control the balls over the net and inside the glass walls. Also we made many trainings for Padel inside the machine and a way to make trainings ourselves by programming these with the apps.

Because the machine can do (almost) everything for Padel, the PadelShooter app could control all features of the PadelShooter, a remote control is not suitable for this. Even though the PadelShooter app is not difficult to learn, for Padelcenters players use the machine only for 1 hour and then it is important that the control is very easy, just by answering some easy questions. This is why we made some “ready made” programs for all kind of categories, that could be downloaded from our website by just pressing a button. Also we recently made a very easy use screen for players that don’t know the machine very well yet. 

App controlled machine

3 screens

Easy use (Padelcenters)

Easy use for doing many Padel trainings

When a player uses the PadelShooter for the first time or only hire the machine for 1 hour, there is no time "to get used to the machine". Then the machine should easily start doing the training that you want. This app screen is meant for people that hire the machine in a Padelcenter or when you don't know all the details of the machine yet and immediately want to work with the machine. No need to know the machine. In this screen you can do many Padel trainings but not the most advanced "2 shots" trainings like "volley - bandeja".

*) At the moment only available on Android, we expect iPhone app within a few months available

Combinations of shots

For the most advanced Padel trainings

When you buy a Padel machine that can play (almost) everything you want, you need an app to full control the machine. There are 3 screens in the app to use. The most advanced screen for inbuilt trainings is the "Trainings" screen. Here you have some trainings with combination of shots like "Volley - Bandeja". You need some time to get used to this screen. This app screen is therefor used for players that want to "get everything" out of their Padel machine. Also you can select specific part areas of the (horizontal) court to vary the shots only in that area.

*) At the moment only available on Android, we expect iPhone app within a few months available

Making your own trainings

Making your own trainings / programs

If you want to do more with the Padelshooter than only some inbuilt trainings, you can make your own trainings with the app. Create a training of max 9 shots with settings (speed, spin, frequency, width and height) for every shot what you prefer. To make it easier from the start to make your own programs, there are many downloadable programs available with just 1 button click (List Category) for downloading ready made programs which you can change quite easily for your own requirements. The programs could be stored on your phone with your own made name.

There are 2 models:

The Padelshooter 1 and Padelshooter 3A are almost the same, sure the features are the same but they have different app versions which are not interchangeable. The Padelshooter 1 has an internal battery while the Padelshooter 3A has an external battery, both are very powerful. The Padelshooter 3A is the newest model with an extra simple remote control (for only stop/start shooting, easy when on court, don’t need to search for phone/tablet to pause shooting) and replaces the Padelshooter 1 after a while, so if you are not sure which one to choose, choose the Padelshooter 3A or ask us. The Padelshooter 1 has an internal Power Supply for continuous use at 110/220V (in some countries/locations the current is not powerful enough for this, 12V/15A is needed at startup), for the Padelshooter 3A an optional external Power Supply is needed. 

Padelshooter 1

PadelShooter 1

In September 2022 we introduced the PadelShooter 1 during the World Padel Tour in Sweden. Many people tried the machine and liked it very much. Some Padelschools used the machine for some trainings with many people on the court. The videos are now being placed on this website.

After 1 year of selling the PadelShooter 1, we received wishes and advises from customers which we implemented in the latest version. One of the latest changes is a new "Easy use" screen to use the PadelShooter without any knowledge of the machine. Because the PadelShooter could be configured much more detailed (for everyones level) than normal ball machines, this makes the machine a bit "overwhelming" when starting with the machine. This new "Easy use" screen makes it very easy to use the machine from the start.

Because the Padelshooter had so much features and settings, it was sometimes hard to operate. Therefore the app was added with a new very simple to use screen, which made it very easy for players to start immediately with the machine.

Padelshooter 3A

PadelShooter 3A

The PadelShooter 3A has been tested by several customers and it is released in October 2023 and all is working fine, the Padel world can now use this great machine.

The PadelShooter 3A has some differences with the Padelshooter 1:

  1. It includes a very small remote control for only pause the shooting of balls during play. This is very useful because you don’t need to search your phone, unlock it, find the right button, etc, to stop shooting of the machine. With the remote control, it’s just pressing “OFF” button to pause and “ON” to go on again.
  2. The frequencies are made smarter. The frequency of the PadelShooter 3A can be set very fast so that especially 2 players on court don’t have to wait for their ball, just because the machine is offering balls for 2 players. The balls could be shot with such small pause that the machine needed an enhanced mechanism to keep the balls at the same distance on the court. This makes the machine very useful for training more that 1 players at the same time. 
  3. A new “Start Here” screen (for Easy Use of machine) so that every new player with the Padelshooter can immediately use the machine without any knowledge of the machine.
  4. The Padelshooter 3A has a powerful external Lithium battery while the Padelshooter 1 has a powerful internal Lithium, both are suitable for 6-8 hours playtime. With an external battery, you don’t need your machine for charging (so you can keep it on the padel club or in your car), only the external battery should be charged. Also it’s easy to use more than 1 battery by just replacing the empty battery with a fully charged battery.
  5. The Padelshooter 1 has an internal powersupply which means it could standard work on 220V net power. For the Padelshooter 3A is an external powersupply available but this is optional, so not included.

A unique machine

Training with the PadelShooter makes learning Padel so much easier. Not just a tennis ball machine with 1 Padel feature, but a real Padel training machine for beginners but sure for professionals! We worked long time on the machine and we listened to the high level Padel players and trainers to make the machine perfect.

How to start playing


The basic idea of the PadelShooter is to have some settings that you can set exactly as you want for your level.


For all inbuilt trainings you can set speed, spin, frequency, width and height of the ball(s) in a training:

Speed: speed of the ball(s)
Spin: topspin or backspin to the ball
Frequency: the pause between each ball
Width: Horizontal position to play
Height: Vertical position to play

Also you can set the height of the net for some trainings where the machine plays random height balls. If you want the speed lower, with a normal ball machine many balls will be shot in the net but not when you set the net position higher in the Padelshooter.

An extra delay after only the high balls, makes the Padelshooter also very special. With a normal ball machine, you can set the frequency of balls lower because for high balls the player needs more time to hit the ball. But then you also have to wait a long time for the lower ball. In the Padelshooter, you can set the frequency high but you can set an extra pause only for the high balls.

All these settings are made so that everyone can train with the PadelShooter, even beginners. But you can set the machine for YOUR level, even for professionals!

Basic settings

For trainings with variation (between 2 heights or a left and right position) the height defines the highest possible position to shoot, the width defines the horizontal area to vary the balls. These can be set as easy/difficult as you want. For trainings with high and low balls (bandeja and volley) the height defines the position of the high ball.

If the ball(s) bounce to the back wall, you should set (1) the height lower or (2) the speed lower for the training. If the balls are shot into the net, set (1) the speed higher or (2) the height higher. Because for many trainings the height could vary, you don’t want the ball to be shot into the net, therefor you can fix the net position so the lowest balls will not be shot lower than that net position when playing random balls. This makes it perfect to define an area to shoot your preferred balls in between, horizontally and vertically.

There are many inbuilt trainings in the PadelShooter. The idea to make the trainings as comfortable as possible for the player is that there is for every training:

  • Speed of balls
  • Spin of balls (topspin/backspin)
  • Frequency (pause between every ball
  • Width position(s)
  • Height position(s)

For many trainings you can set a horizontal area and a vertical (height) area to shoot the balls randomly. Like an opponent, not every ball is the same, but often it is a high / low ball and you can set the variation of random balls exactly as you want. You specify a left and right positition and a low and high position to shoot in between. For some trainings, there are 2 kind of balls shot, a lower ball (volley) and a higher ball (bandeja or smash). You exactly set the training for the highest and lowest possible shot and also the random horizontal area to shoot.

Also very special is that you easily can set the machine to only do trainings at your preferred side (Left / Right / Both). If you are more experienced with the machine, you can even limit a very small area of the field to play balls. If, for example you want to train balls in the corner with some first bouncing at the side wall and some at the back wall, you can specify a very small area (20% or even 10%) so that there is only a very small veriation but not the same every time.

There are also trainings with low and high balls. When training with the machine, we found that the high balls need more time to hit than the low balls. For regular machines, you have to set the frequency perfect for the high balls and then you need to wait for the low balls. For the Padelshooter you can set the frequency high and an extra pause after only the high balls.

Program your trainings

In all Padelshooters you can make your own trainings by creating programs with maximum 9 shots. Many customers already made their programs and set the shots exactly as they wanted, some sent videos of these spontaneous to us some of these and are shown on the website. Very easy was that with just clicking on a button in the app, there could be downloaded many “ready made” trainings from the website. There are programs in every category and level but you can download these and change (some) shots for your level or what you prefer. It gives a good start to help you making programs yourself.

Making a training / program is very powerful and not difficult. You know some settings from the inbuilt trainings, what is your preferred speed, spin, frequency, width and height and this knowledge could be used to create a shot. You test a shot and copy it, for example to another shot with a different width so the same shot will be shot at some other width position. After a few programs, it is clear how to do and then you are as flexible as you want and you can store the programs on your phone.


Trainings (combination of shots)

The Padel court could also be divided in left and right side, normally in Padel a player stand only left or right side. For the trainings, the horizontal area of a Padel court is from 0 (most left) to 100 (most right). In the Easy use screen, only the left / right area could be specified, for the more advanced Trainings screen, also an exact area (in %) could be set, exactly as you want. The area where you want to play is mostly left (0-50) or right (50-100) side of the court. You can limit the area, you want to play with “Limit Left-Right”, only left side (0-50) or only right side (50-100). Within the limitation of the court, you also should specify the area to play the balls (with Width).

For example one of the trainings is “Random”. The PadelShooter checks the area you choose (for example right side or more specific in %) and within the right side, with Width=50, balls will be played in half area of the right side. The same for the vertical (height) area, define the highest ball for that area with Height and the Net position for the lowest ball. In this way, you create an area to shoot your ball.

The Height of the highest ball could be set to “50”, the Net position could be set lower like “10”, the machine will then play, for “Random” training, random balls between height 10 – 50. 

Some special trainings are the “Bandeja – Volley” trainings. A “~” means that you get some random number of these balls. If you choose “Bandeja – Volley ~”, you get 1 Bandeja and a random number of volleys and “random” means that you really don’t know how much volleys and when the Bandeja will be played. Also with these trainings, you can specify the side you want to play and the horizontal area where the volleys and bandejas are played.

The “2-Line BV” means that you get a Bandeja and a Volley at 2 positions, so it is real fun to play this with 2 players. You can see a video of this training in videos.



Start Here screen (easy use)

Because the Trainings could be a bit “overwhelming”, a new screen has been added that could be used by everyone that is new to the Padelshooter. You select the training you want to do in the picture at the top, then the standard settings (speed, spin, Freq., Width, Height) are shown for that training and you can use these or change,  before you press “Play” button. Then the Padelshooter starts shooting the ball, simple as that. If you prefer some other setting, you then can change these and press again “Play”. Also Left or Right side or both sides could be chosen.

This screen is very easy to use and “Padelshooter starters” and players that hire the machine in a Padel center will be happy with this screen. If players want more trainings, the Trainings and Programs screens are the next steps and possibly the manual or videos is a good start for this.